A    Johnny    Tribute!

Here's a tribute to Johnny's 25th Birthday-hope it's a great one!
(I'll give a list of his films {I saw so far} and say how he brightened them!)

What can I say, without him in this movie, it would have completely sucked. Course, this is the 1st film I started liking him in, but that's beside the point. The movie was a Comedy yes, but the only really comedic relief there was, was from Johnny. And he did it in such a fresh and cute way. He just brought it out. "You can't fire me, you love me, I love you...we're in love!"

All I can say is...he made me feel like a bath. Well, not really, but that's ok. This was the movie where he got MOST of his fans, where the critics first noticed him. It was definitely an ensemble cast, but Johnny certainly stood out. AJ was my fave character in the film (possibly of all-time.) And maybe it's cause everyone can relate to being a nobody secretly in love w/someone, but not as many people would connect to it...if it hadn't been Johnny playing it. He just rocked! "Better...that's bullshit, and you know it's bullshit!"

Hello!!! He was the star! He'd had critics' and fan approvals before this film, but this was the movie he really had to prove himself. He basically carried it all on his own. And he did it well. Mixing tons of drama (his 1st fully "dramatic" role) with lil comedy too. I think he proved himself. The movie was a tad boring and slightly far-fetched, but he made it decent! "Life goes on beyond heartbreak, suffering, even death...it's called growing up!"

He was determined for this film. Really, what actor takes the time to drop 30 pounds for a 15-minute role?!?! Not many. And his acting was stellar. Critics praised him and made him the "buzz" for months. He made you really feel for this dying young boy. And he just brought out this movie, you'd sit through the whole 2 1/2 hours just to see him. Awesome. "Can I get a Jack Daniels?...What? What's it gonna kill me?!"

In my opinion, this was his best acting to date. He was considered a costar, but I think he was definitely more the star than the others. The character seemed really hard to play, and he had it perfected. He went from dramatic-to-pyscho-to-crying, all in ease. And he brought the film to a whole other emotional intensity. He wasn't the most decent character, but he still made you feel for him, and that takes a lot. Bravo! "I didn't know what I was doing man, I was ah...I swear!"

Just a cameo in this one. Honestly, this was one of the shittiest movies ever, but it was worth it for his one scene. I can't explain it, I just liked him in it. And he was playing this slow (maybe lil mentally retarded) guy. And he just did it soo well. He had to act like he was 5 and it was just so funny or cute, something. "Nooo, you can't be doing drugs here, you'll get in trouble for doing drugs here, you're silly." "I can be ur boyfriend."

Even shorter role in this film. A real thinker movie. He appeared for like 2- minutes in the beginning as this doped up dude w/a beard. I must say, he really got my attention. The scary thing is, he brought some of the very, VERY limited normalicy to the film. He was good, but he wasn't there enough to judge. "Look, I don't wanna hurt you man, just give me the money!"

You've touched us all with your talent and personality Johnny...so Have a very Happy and Healthy 25th...wherever you are!

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